"Take a Kid Fishing"

Has your child ever been fishing? If the answer is “no”, or maybe they have, and would like to go again, let’s make it happen!
I think it is important for kids to experience the best sport in the world!
I have been blessed that my parents introduced me to the sport when I was extremely young, and I have introduced my 2 sons to the sport as well.
I have been lucky enough to take my passion, and turn it into a business with 2 of my good friends! We have designed some lures that are irresistible to the fish, so we always have plenty of action.
One of the greatest joys, is to watch kids, or adults, catch their first fish.
I would like to share my passion, and success, with kids that would like to go fishing.
Because of this, I am starting a “Take a kid fishing” program.
If you have a kid that wants to get in the boat, get out on the lake, and go fishing, lets make it happen!!
The look on a kids face when they get a Pike, Walleye, or Trout, on the line is priceless, and it’s FREE!!
We will have a day of fun on the lake, catch some fish, and your kid will have his or her picture on our website, with their trophies! Of course, Mom or Dad are welcome to join if they would like!
Contact me, and we will set the wheels in motion!

See you at the lake!!!

Leroy Siki
Fish On Lures and Tackle
Okotoks AB
(403) 818-0864